***IF YOU USE 89 X 117 OR 114 X 162 FOR WAX MELTS PLEASE MESSAGE ME WHEN ORDERING********75 x 102 in packs of 500 are out of stock at the moment - 75 x 117 is the nearest size and the price will be the same


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Glassine envelopes

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Glassine envelopes are ECO Friendly and made from pure pine wood cellulose which is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, compostable  and environmentally friendly. It is a PH Neutral product.

The UK manufacturer holds a current PEFC Certificate.

These are all manufactured in the UK except for the 3 largest sizes (145 x 230, 170 x 230 and  230 x 300)
which are made in Germany by Lindner.

Glassine envelopes
Peal & Seal glassines
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